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Flipkart: ‘VIVID’ Shopping ka naya address

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Flipkart-India’s first e-commerce company launched with the slogan; 'No kidding, no worries' to ‘The Online Megastore’ to 'Shopping ka naya address' and I term it as “ ‘VIVID’ shopping ka naya address”. I hope Flipkart won’t be suing me for this!

Let us imagine ourself purchasing a Tommy Hilfiger watch, Adidas adiStar Salvation 3 shoes and a brand new Samsung Galaxy S IV visiting a contemporary shop on one side; and then a US return Indian simply using his credit card and showing-off that he can purchase them all from eBay.com or Amazon.com online and at much lower cost...but this was the case until 2006.  And then arrived Flipkart.com in 2007. For shopoholics it was like Jesus himself comes from the heaven to bless!

Flipkart very simply is the white sheep in the pact of sheep of online shopping companies. They deliver quality, quantity, variety, brands at zero tolerance rates and no compromise with timeslot given by them. If they are ensuring that ordered product will be delivered in 3 days than it does. Be it the Central Mumbai or any small town from the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

I would share an experience that I personally witnessed from Flipkart.com. I was planning to purchase an Android Smartphone. But it was as hard as to choose between Emma Stone and Emma Watson. So, I simply directed myself to Flipkart.com affirm in Mobiles & Accessories >> Mobiles Home and a page popped up. There I specify the budget for my mobile, RAM and processor. Then Flipkart.com itself sorted down the list of millions of mobile to a very handful of them. I instantly added some mobile to compare lists and compared every niche and corner in them. Booked it! And choose Cash-On-Delivery as my payment option. And in a couple of days I was playing Angry Bird Space on my own Sony Xperia U with a whooping 1200 INR off.
This is the reason I have always preferred Flipkart.com over other online stores. In lesser time and better c

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But sometime these offers are just not enough, kyukiy eh dil mange more!
For this reason there are sites like CouponRani.com who come to our rescue with numerous coupons that can be redeemed to avail more discounts given by any online store. What we have to is to just follow the link I have provided. Select the store. And avail the coupon from the hundreds of offers provided from CouponRani.com. A simple cake-walk!!

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