Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fanciful Dorth!!!

aaaaaAAAAA!!!!!” Ahan woke up yawning. “Mom I want to pee.” he conveyed his feelings to his Mom. His mom simply settles her hand over his head and murmur something lauding him. Half asleep Ahan still awake throws his bed sheet and step on the floor. To wear his shoes and crossing the aisle he reached battleground. Open bathroom door. KKiiiIIIRRR! It CHINKS! With many attempts tries to switch on light but all attempts in vain. Frightened he enters in the bathroom. Remove his pant and pee unsettling water in the toilet. Wear his pant again. Lift him to the staircase. Ahan owned a young French bulldog – Jimmy. To look him he redirects and step-down to ground floor.
Jimmy's doghouse 'Jimmy Residence'

Jimmy was provided with a doghouse; one similar to the Spike and the Tyke in Tom and Jerry. Reaching doghouse he dogged his face down to see if Jimmy is sleeping. Then instead of Jimmy what he saw was a bombastic space. Skyscrapers all over. Vehicles. In many aspects similar to our world. Then he saw a dog talking with another one, a traffic-dog, Hotel Kannvas with a display board written ‘Owned by Labrador Fluppy’, shoe-shop with two pairs of shoes at 40% flat off. Ahan was baffled to see all this. Stunned. Abruptly pulled out his head. Back in dark of hall. His eye-pupil widen. He pinched himself to confirm if he is still alive. “Ouch!!” he uttered. His world stood still for another few words, as if he has just met aliens and they have wished him to take along with them to their planet.

Ahan give an attempt to go in. He poked his head in, next second his abdomen was in and very soon he was indifferent world. Baffled. Amazed. He was in a complete different world.
He very soon struck hard by what he see next to him; a human being was tied to a rope at one end and other end of the rope was held by a dog. This scenario brings him a minor heart attack at this small age.
Without even thinking for arcsecond he propelled a stone towards the dog. It directly hit them. To his surprise the dog instead of barking started abusing him in audible voice. And human tied to rope started running towards him furiously, with that dog shouting "No Tommy!! No Tommy!! Leave him Tommy." that human shouted from the depth of the stomach.

Ahan in a hurry ran through every possible pavement. Stepped every place. Left...Right...Left...Left...Right...Straight. Ceased for a few seconds, calm down. Breath hastily. Reassured if Tommy has left him or is it still behind him. Trotting he stopped at a very awkward juncture. A name board showing ‘Jimmy Residence, Mr. French Bulldog Jimmy'. In curiosity stealthily reached there. Press the bell which sounded similar to dogs bark. Collecting all courage he was in. He saw Jimmy reading a newspaper with headlines atop "Stray Human A Big Problem To Society'.
"Jimmy!!" Ahan murmured . "Ahan!!" Jimmy replied astonishingly. "How come you entered in here? What else you saw?" Jimmy continued .
"I don't want to tell you whatever I SAW. But can you explain what this is all about? Why are all human treated as a pet here?" Ahan went aggressive. Jimmy gulped and said "This is Doarth - Earth of Dogs." Jimmy said vauntingly "but how come can you talk? Human is mistreated here .What this is all about?" Ahan voice was high pitched. "Calm down. You might have heard of parallel universe. Did you?." Jimmy asked. “Yes! I did. A day before on NatGeo. But is it true? I can’t believe it.” Ahan contradicted Jimmy. “You believe it or not but what came to you as a storm is mere known as parallel universes.” Jimmy tried to convince Ahan. “May be you are true with this.” Ahan seem convinced. Jimmy giggled. “Can you please guide me to earth my own home?" Ahan asked.

Jimmy, “Sure? Why not? You are the most honest pet for us. Follow me.” Jimmy uttered “But be aware of what you do. Because one wrong step and you will be bitten by human itself. Ha Ha.” Ahan didn’t like Jimmy’s notorious laugh. Ahan in disgrace followed him. “Bye-bye Jimmy” Ahan bid adieu to Jimmy. “Take care of Jimmy there. He loves you beyond your imagination.” Jimmy replied.
Ahan then realized that he had left the most amazing piece of thing he ever witnessed that none of the human will in eons to come. He was back in the real world. In the world of humans.

Dawn was up front. Sun was about to rise. Caring of his every step he trotted to bed. Removed with his shoes and settle in a cozy bed.


Ahan and Jimmy :P
Ahan sweetie-pie wake-up. Wake-up betaaa. You have your school today.” echoing sound strikes his ears. Ahan rushed himself to Jimmy’s doghouse completely ignoring his mother. May be this was the fastest time taken my Ahan to wake-up from bed. Rushed to doghouse. Jimmy was in deep sleep. Yawning. Silently he lauded his back, massaged his head and went back to his room.
Ahan was still in a state of dilemma as to believe what he saw or mere consider it as one of his fantasies. Afterwards he did treat Jimmy very-well and served him his best snacks that he saw in ‘Jimmy Residence’.

‘May be this is the reason before criticizing on someone; one should always try to walk a mile in his shoes’

This write-up won me first prize in Aarohi, VNIT's (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology) cultural feast; largest in Central India .
Glad they appreciated it this way and am too-too-too happy; atlast am earnig something for my writing. :P ;) :D

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