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अशी राहिली चिखलदारा सहल!!

30th June, 2012

Ankush, Aniket A, Akshay, Vipul, Jitesh, Me, Ojas, Nakul, Aniket D[L to R]
As usual सूरुवात तशीच झाली!!
2 वाजताचा वेळ ठरलेला आणि नीघे पर्यन्त 4:30 zale.
Thanks to Ojas Kale. Though he was with genuine reasons and he put all his efforts in getting on time.
तरी हे सगल चालायचच!!

अरे intro राहीलाच
आम्ही मोजून 10 potte.
मी, Ojas, Nakul, Palash, Akshay, Jitesh, Ankush, Vipul and 2-2 Aniket.

निघताना वाटले tripचा पोपट न व्हावा…कारण मागच्या 15 दीवसात काहीच पाऊस नव्हता. पण कोणास ठाउक निघताच धो-धो पाऊस सूरू. आम्ही एकदम अत्यानंदी. Can compare to India winning a match against Pak(am a cricket fan, so I am in no way concerned with recent Euro Cup :P)!!

पहीला थांबा Semadoh(spelling सोबत compensate करुन घ्याल).
अस करत आमची Tata Sumo पूढे सरसावली. आणि प्रत्येक kilometer मागे आमचा रोमांच वाढत जात होता. Timepass साठी गाणे “ओरडणे”(YES!! We were shouting), रस्त्यात आडव-तिडव बोलण चालायचच!
Our voyage continued. Meanwhile we halted only at Paturda and a so-called “dhaba” for Bisleri and tea.

एक फार जूनी Chinese proverb आहे-
One can be deprived of food for weeks but not from tea for a single day!
तसच काही तरी म्ह्णाव.

अस करत पोहचलो Semadoh.
आता उरल ते पोटा-पाण्याच. भूक त सगळ्यांना सप्पाटून लागली होती.
जेवलो एका “संदीप” नावाचा घरगूती ढाब्यात.
Me आणि Jitesh आम्ही दोघेच veg वाले. केले order dal-fry. वाटल खमंग होइल. But that was a free dinner (God knows how dhaba owner levy his kindness over vegies). Sadly I regret next day for having it!!

Anyways मग Palash and Ankush कोअंबड्या शोधायला गेले आणि बाकीचे आप-आपल्या घरी, स्वतःच्या GFsला(Yes! I was indeed an exception in it) आणि coin-boxचा फ़ायदा घेत बाकी मित्रांना त्रास दिला. Then everyone of us insanely attacked on foods and later in night had free-fall on bed in rest-house.
No one was geared up to sleep.
Everyone was harebrained, attacked each other and that includes jumping from double-bed (am sure many of us were comparing self with Super Man, at least I was).

बाकी पोट्टे करत बसले गप्पा गोष्टी, पण मी जाम थकलो होतो. साल्या सगळ्यांनी दूपारची झोप घेतली होती(I am exception here as well).
Finally I slept at 0030 hours. But these folks were still breathing.

Aniket and Me :)
1st July, 2012

Woke-up in dawn (being more precise mosquitoes woke me up).
I checked out the scenarioshocked to see that no-one was in room. Went over to wear shoe..they too were disappeared.
Then my eardrums were struck by 180 decibel sound. My mind suddenly clicked and I get to know that all were rolling over in jungle. They were getting what they came in search of. Complete control over their activities (in short no one was there to censure them).
Chit-chat continued. Wait was just of dawn (cause water was lacking in pipes. And why everyone was so desperate for water supply is another thing! :P).”

झाली एकदाची सकाळ. All went to free up themselves. If someone took even some miliseconds than expected then door banging sound was certain. :D :D
अस करत- करत with almost lightning speed and manual force we all accomplished our individual missions!!

Now the time was of having Rabdi. I was having stomach ache cause of last night’s veggie. So, I preferred not to eat those eatables. Everyone was having it with great pleasure. I was like a very poor kid sitting outside a toy shop, can only gets happiness from smile of other children’s. पण बाकी सगळ्यांचे पोट दूखणार होतेच, आणि दुखले सुध्धा. :D

Then we headed-off to Chikhaldara. It was some 24 km from Semadoh. But the road was zig-zag which was going to make this an hour long journey!

Yippee!! We reached our destination-Chikhaldara!
सगळ्यात चांगली गोष्ट माझ्या मित्रांना म्हणजे हादाडण. काही असो, त्या पासून कधी वंचित नाही राहणार. Sometimes I get a feeling like-what if aliens exhaust their food on their planet and they stole away earth’s food (including animals). How my friends are going to survive?
जाऊद्या ते काम SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) कडे सोपवल आहे USA Govtनी, they will take care of it.
Then we captured Satpuda hotel. Party was from Akshay. Then what, for first time menu was being ordered on basis of name, irrespective of their prizes.

Nearby there was a garden-Maharaj baag. A small visit and back to hotel.
आता प्र्यंत सगळ्यांना वाटल trip एकदम सूव्यवस्थितपणे पार पडेल.
Something was yet to come on surface. Aniket mis-placed his wallet somewhere. For sure that was a big blow to him. But many of us took it lightly. Thinking it to be just another mischief by one of us.
But it wasn’t!
Then very soon Ankush and Aniket headed back for Semadoh. Thanks to his memory that he remembered he put it under his pillow.
Very soon they arrived from Semadoh and we had our lunch (I was exception here as well).

"Pawan chakki"
Now it was just 2 pm in clock.
Everyone was with just one question-NOW WHAT?
We have 4 hours to spare and nothing were left to do.
But then Ojas came with his दीढ-शहाणे mind. He suggested having some sight-seeing. Obviously it was not in our to-do list before coming here.
But it proves fertile.
I enjoyed one of the best weather in world, among the better hill-stations amidst the best of my friends!!

सगळे एकदम रोमांचित झाले होते.
धूक, थंडी, गाणे आणि चेंगळ! Then we barren even that place. Headed towards wind-mill. There were two of them, with name-Suzlon 1000MW “घरररर-घरररर” आवाज करत होते.
आम्ही खूप enjoy करत होतो. एवढी मोठी wind-mill आम्हाला फक्त एक photo साठी back-ground द्यायचे काम करत होते.

After reaching there I just remembered lines of the song “As It Is In Heaven” by Matt Maher-
Every Eye Proclaim
The Mercy of Your Name
On Earth As It Is Heaven
God Give Us New Morning
Mercy His Daily Bread

And my conscience shouted-पैसा वसूल झाला रे संक्या तुझा!!

Within an hour we were back in Amravati. Ready for same routine!

But I realized one thing. As long as you are accompanied by your mates then you can face any barrier, they understand us and if time demands they won’t hesitate to give a helping hand.
Why am saying this can only be known by those who were with me.

माझ्या मूळे तूम्हाला त्रास झाला आणि तो तुम्ही समजून घेतला त्यासाठी खूप- खूप धन्यवाद मित्रांनो!! :) :)

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