Friday, September 28, 2012

हो आमचा Industrial Tour चाललाय..!!

Infosys Campus
वरील उदगार वाचून कोणाला पण असच वाटेल-Sankya लय शायना झालाय, होबास्क्या मारतोय. Industrial tour चालला; तर काय झालं..आमचा पण गेला होता/जात आहे/जाईल. Show-off  करायची सवय लागलीय की काय साल्याला??

But there is a hard-wired fact about anything close to industrial tour of my college Professor Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research [thanks God to my earlier school Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj English School, Shegaon for getting used-to these long institute names] Computer Science department from last 30 years that it either end-up in controversy or it make sure the initiators falls prey to all professors’ tantrums.

तस पण Industrial tour म्ह्टलं की लहान पणा पासन Parle factory, Videocon factory आणि एखाद chocolate ची factory समोर यायची [पण ती factory असायची].
But this time it wasn’t the case; this time we Computer Science and Engineering, 3rd year students were all ready for the entire assay that we were about to face! At least I was as far as it was under my rampart.

I not even remembered when the venture blasted-off. But it surely was after when one of friend Mrunal asked me to have an industrial tour and enjoy beatification. I thought-yeah! Why not? सगळे 3rd yearला पोहोचलोय. लय मस्ती केली..अजून थोड होऊन जाऊ द्या. हाथ मारून त पाहूयात. पूढच पूढे जे होईल! वरतून फीरन आपल passion.

So, espousing this I plea (or rather demanded) my class C.R [class representative] Sanket N accompanied by C.Rs and L.Rs [ladies representative] of other sections and 2nd shift of CMPS as well to have a share of words with our RESPECTED Head of Department. But that proved complete futile. He just kicked-off the proposal.
 Everyone’s determinations were no way higher than height of sprout. We were heart-broken. Collying. Begriming. But there was no-one to hear us! Then that turns out to be just dream down the lane in our memories [seems unreasonably exaggerated]. Proposal dropped. And forgotten as well.

Days were passing and news strikes our eardrum that 2nd shift, 3rd year, CMPS students had brought a letter from Infosys, Bangalore for an event. We were like-hey! We were supposed to do all these tasks altogether and you back-stabbed us! And they even got the permission for visit.
But that would have been despicable to censure them. So, we decided to have our own. And we started protruding our substantiation for our OWN tour. And here I have a new entry on my blog-Jay, Abhishek [माकड], Archie and Rasika P.
Yeah! Now we guys were the draftspersons for our new excursion. Things were supposed to be done hastily what-so-ever it takes.
We were lacking in time, resources, minds and ideas!

Meantime we spread our standpoint in front of our colleagues. Many of them were excited about everything that we were doing.
Jay, Abhishek and Archie were taking care that tour is well-planned and they get the best cum worth package for all of us. Whereas, I was taking care-of that we surely get the permission from ANY [yeah! Literally “ANY”] IT company to commence a one-day visit in their company.
For this I was forwarded a link by Abhishek. There were bombastic numbers of companies. Till date I was frighten because of my minuscule knowledge in programming language is there someone who shall offer me a job? But with that link I got confident that I can fit in some slot..am not that worthless [some positive came out of it].

I mailed all the companies whose email ids were prevailing there. माझ्या बोटांचे तूकडे पडून गेले होते. एकदाचे universityचा environmental scienceचा paper परवदला..पण हे नव्हे. हे नूस्त mail पूरता नव्ह्त. मी आयुष्यात पहील्यांदा एक formal mail करणार होतो. For that sake I Googled to find the format of mailing any company. मग त्यात 3 वेग-वेगळे 3 formats भेटलेत-Block Format Business Letters, Modified Block Format Business Letters and Semi-block (indented) Format Business Letters. I bet if these three formats were published for find-the-difference column of any daily no one in the world can distinguish a diminutive difference. They were all alike. Then instead of expulsing my brain I simply went for aakad-bakkad-bambai-bo-aasi-nabbe-pure-sau-sau-se-nikla-raja-chor-nikal-ke-bhaaga! And result was modified block format.

I dealt with all this stuff. For now we were in wait n’ watch situation; can’t do anything unless and until we don’t get any response from company. But instead of being Stuck In The Moment [I hope no-one remembered Justin Bieber and no one has kicked his bike yet to kill me] we settled-down to thing that we should carry-on with our proceedings. Following it we visit some local tours and travels agencies and nailed-down with Kesari Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Package was well proposed. 6 days-5 nights @ 7000/- Amravati to Amravati. We already started smelling beatification. Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty and Coonoor are the sights we shall visit. Mysore palace, Vrundawan Garden, Escon temple, Lalbag Garden,Kalahari waterfall, Ooty lake, Ooty Golf Club, Bannergatta National Park and many more in-bertween 4th Oct to 11th Oct. But the basic requirements were still lacking-application from ANY IT Company for industrial visit. Each day was passing and restlessness was easily visible on our face. I even started listening all the senti songs...even songs from melodramatic 60’s-70’s movies were helping me.

The mid-period were utilised by us in convincing staff that were willing to come with us and more significantly to HOD of Computer Science and Engineering. We were 101% sure that we are going to be blasted with the first step in HOD cabin with industrial visit stand. As expected same happened. We were bombarded with all the missiles, torpedoes, ballistic missiles manufactured since World War-II. And then final weapon was our attendance and sessional marks. That was like nuclear bomb which surely extinct our industrial visit hopes and I guess non-extinct able cockroaches as well! Conditions were levied that we must fulfil minimum attendance of 70% and good sessional marks. Where I personally stand nowhere in light-year diameter. Already my name was elaborated on college’s notice board for low attendance. I backed-off from here. This was my rampart point.

Now the sprout that was blossoming with an eye-blink buried down under a heap of tonnes of soil. But still we didn’t loosed hopes.
वरून तोंड मारू त होतेच!! तुम्हाला जमते का..काही पण बोलता?? आज पर्यंत नाही झाला...आता पण नाही होणार...प्रयत्य व्यर्थ आहेत!! माझा त पूर्ण बहीश्कार आहे ह्यावर and blabla..they continued with their spat and we with our optional plan. But that all went worthless. Nothing was possible without HOD’s permission and company’s letter.
Went back on room. Threw by sack. And enjoyed cozy night without any issue to think in mind.

Next day was back in college, it was just another day...casually checking my mails and AWESTRUCKED...I saw an unlike mail with subject line-

RE: Request to participate in Spark program: Professor Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research, Amravati

WWOOWWW!!! It was from Infosys, Bangalore. They accepted our request and in-turn invited us for Spark event holding on 6th Oct, 2012. But really was it...I rechecked it. It was. Text in it went like this-

Dear Sanket Thodge,

Thank you for placing a request to visit Infosys.
Your visit is confirmed.
Please plan accordingly...
and so on..!!

We were so filled with energy that we [Me, Jay, Abhishek and Archie] could have done 100 metres baton relay [the Olympics game in which one player pass hollow cylinder to next one in his team eventually first to reach end-line wins] in less than Usain Bolt’s 100 metre running duration. In no time we took its print-out with the help of our Prof Himanshu J. We were back on track...back in form. Rejuvenated!

All happened so instantaneously that we hardly got time to realise that we were lacking an integral part-permission from our CMPS HOD. We took two of those print-outs and make sure we go with such slant that he left with just one option to spare-Sign accompanied written text permission granted. Jay, Abhishek, Archie and Rasika did this job very well...especially without me. Cause in every earlier meeting I was thrown in front of HOD to flack our Industrial tour. They really did a very nice job. And we got permission.

So, permission letter was in our hand. Accordingly we planned our industrial tour. Out of 7000 we collected 2000 from each for giving advanced to Kesari officials and train reservation.

Then came train reservation logistics. We already got late for this thing. Everyone is aware of large crowd of India have their primary travelling medium as Indian Railways. Plus we have to conceptualize about the fact that 2nd shift CMPS,  EXTC 3rd year and final year all were coming for same event on same day. We were supposed to take all decisions hastily. We booked the tickets on the same day. Out of 35, 25 got confirmed, 8 RAC and 2 waiting.

We then finalise all things. Including who to sit were, with whom, where to go, who will pay for Amravati-Nagpur journey, which faculty will accompany us, which spots to see, which to skip, which to blow-off. Ascertainment were going all in mind. Even double-triple Mathematics-III integration numericals were not that hard. Everything went fine by now and we are exclusively ready with all formulations.

Whole amount was collected. Submitted. Hotels booked. Done with elementary shopping. Smiles on faces. Excited. And many more adjectives that I can’t think of.
Awaiting for 4th Oct, 2012.

4th Oct, 2012
We are now standing on Kesari’s headquarter; waiting for our bus to come from where we will depart to Nagpur. All of my amigos are standing here. Someone with their Mom, some with their Dad, some having their whole family with luggage which was proportional to how much efforts they invests in preparation. On the contrary I was standing alone. On the aisle...reassuring I have packed everything. Meanwhile bus arrived, everyone mount themselves on bus. Rushing for window seat. Everyone’s raisers were bidding them off. On contrary I was imagining my parents waving me and my hand extending out of window like Mr. Fantastic a.k.a. Dr. Reed Richards [a comic character from Marvel Comics-Fantastic Four]. Suddenly bus honked and they vanished of my eye-sight. Bringing me into real world I observed the smiles on everyone’s face.

Yes!! Jay, Abhishek, Archie, Rasika..we did it. We did it!!
Was our efforts worth?? Hmmm... its answer can’t be unlocked prior to 11th Oct. :)
Infosys...here we come!

Hope my next blog will have all the fun of our picnic..oops sorry I mean Industrial Tour.

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  1. It is really a proud feeling to see one of your pals write "stuff" this good, especially while u suck in language arts. The content is great. " माझ्या बोटांचे तूकडे पडून गेले होते. एकदाचे universityचा environmental scienceचा paper परवदला..पण हे नव्हे. हे नूस्त mail पूरता नव्ह्त." and "वरून तोंड मारू त होतेच!! तुम्हाला जमते का..काही पण बोलता?? आज पर्यंत नाही झाला...आता पण नाही होणार...प्रयत्य व्यर्थ आहेत!! माझा त पूर्ण बहीश्कार आहे ह्यावर and blabla." part were just too much! Great job! :)

  2. awesome.... :-D ata tour varun alyavar TOUR cha
    desciption takshil....

  3. @Abhishek: hehe.. yeah!!! toh may be jagatla saglyat motha travelogue rahil. ;) :P

  4. loved the " aakad-bakkad-bambai-bo-aasi-nabbe-pure-sau-sau-se-nikla-raja-chor-nikal-ke-bhaaga! " ,senti songs , THE NUCLEAR BOMB :D

    loved it ..!! lucky u :)

  5. hehehe.. Thank you Kartik. :)
    Dont worry anyway..next year you too can make your own "INDUSTRIAL TOUR"!! I will certainly help you for same. ;) :P

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