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Evergreen Tour - I

While writing any blog or write-up the head-freaking share for anyone always sticks at initiating it and rearing it. But fortunately I don’t have to put any as such efforts to baffle my mind for same. All readers know it’s about my industrial “picnic”. If you read my previous blog we were supposed to be standing on Kesari’s headquarter. But our pick-up point changed to Dastur Nagar by then.

Day 1
October 04, 2012:

Aditya, Mayur, Me, Piyush, Tejas, Pratik, Ojas and Jitesh @ Dastur Nagar
Alarm rang horrifyingly. But for first time it wasn’t irritating one...but felt dulcet. It was showing time 0606 hours Thursday, 04 October. Finally the most anticipated day arrived; for me, my friends, to some extent our family members, our neighbours, to very little extent their home members, milk-man [as our share was no more required for 8 days proficiently to show-off Infosys visit], paper-man also to distant relatives as they were in futile expectation that we might bring something for them from south India.
Adrenaline hormone was at the extremum calibre for me. Packing was done prior night. Necessary phone calls were ended. Unnecessary clothes were well packed in closet. Just last check-up was required. And acted.

Pratik M was supposed to see-off me to Dastur Nagar’s pick-up point. As usual he was punctual and I was about to get ready. But this was the only instant he didn’t mind as it was not college time; more significantly he was not part of tour [regrettably]! I texted everyone to be there by 0800 hours but I myself left by 0830 hours.
Hit the point; stupefied to see that almost every girl was present. Some with family, some with friends, and some alone, some still refurbishing their dress to make sure she look prettier than others. Guys were mere in number.One-by-one everyone arrived.

Their name goes this way-Akansha, Amrita, Ashwini, Divya, Kalyani, Kanchan, Mrunal, Pooja S & M, Rasika, Shrutika, Sonam, Sunaxi, Sneha, Abhishek K & K, Aditya, Archie, GirishKumar, Jay, Jitesh, Mayur, Ojas, Piyush, Pranav, Pratik V and Tejas J. We were accompanied by Himanshu Sir, Burgate Sir, Deshmukh Madam and Khabiya Madam; our respected teachers.
Everyone’s respective luggages were surfaced in bus’s cargo cabinet. Interim time few friends were introducing our classmates to their parents. Chaos was so loud that if we were taken to 1400 A.D then Christopher Columbus might have redirected to India instead of misrouting himself to America...apparently there would have been lesser the continents to study in Geography by today.
Enough of oneirism. So, bus was luggaged. Everyone was in bus. Seated. Smiling. Air castle-ing of what may happen in next 8 days. Hi-5ing. Winking. And finally jilting their parents/friends/brothers/sisters/relatives [neighbours were not present; so got a reason for not bringing anything for them].

Abandoned for Nagpur by Shiv Travel’s Pinkline, 44 seater. It was 0945 hours by then. Professors sit in forepart. Girls were following them and “chengdi” of boys were undermentioned. First 30 minutes went on like pin-drop-silence. Because it was first time Section A and Section B of Computer Science and Engineering, 3rd year were together on akin venture. Some were confronting each other for first time. But slowly atmosphere started getting a bit balmier and girls popped with “antakshari” [a game in which one group starts with a specific song and next group has to find the song with the same words with which their song ends. If that group don’t remember any such song then they are levied with a due known as “bhendi”]. In this every girl in India is like Mrs. Prodigy; they can do PhD in same. So, we guys pushed it [trying to use the stack’s pop-push theory]. But realised that is useful only to score in exams and not in opposition. They convinced all of us and we were up for game.
It shouted with song- aacha sila dia tune mere pyar ka. And shaggy game were trotting. Guys were singing all the modern song and on the contrary girls were having those old hindi melodramatic Shah Rukh Khan, Yash Raj, DDLJ sort of boring song. The best moment among them was when we were directed with “ha” [ha] in the end we were starting with “halkat jawana” and if “la” [la] were levied then our song was “life ki naughty kahani”. Everyone knowing the fact that both are same songs...and girls were in no position to oppose us to any extent. Fun continued and we had a small breakfast halt on some “kailash da dhabba” kind of place and continued on our itinerary.

By 1330 hours we were on Nagpur railway station. Our train was on 1420 hours. Ample of time were procurable for all of us to settle down and breathe some extra oxygen. This time was utilised by us to allot seats to the pals. Have lunch. Take a look to huckster’s good. Ogling. And some fun!
Our train Mysore Express was late by barely 10 min which was equivalent to before-time for Indian Railways.

I was in S2 coach co-affiliated with Jay, Abhishek and Archie. Girls were in S3. Few of us were in S6 and remaining in S10. All were spread throughout the train so randomly that if some terrorist group asked us to hijack train and demand some ransom we could have done that effortlessly [that’s what my naughty mind thought]. Everyone attained their seats and train departed. In no time we passed Sevagram, Chandrapur, Ballarshah and AirTel posted a message- Namaste! AirTel welcomes you in AP. We were in Andra Pradesh. Roaming service was ON.

Me and Vinchu
From there protruded the terminology that was no less than foreign language for all of us. We called it “jalebi” [shape of sweet edible that resembles the words of that language] language; it was telugu. Only word I was familiar with was “ra” means friend.
With every arcsecond, every second, every minute every passing hour we were confining to our terminus. But we were on huge tenterhooks. A suspense that was more powerful than the nuclear bomb bombed upon us by Principal on our industrial tour stand [for more reference visit my previous blog]. Our Infosys visit was planned on 6th October. But due to Kaveri river water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu the bandh was harbingered. And it was on same day. So, Infosys invalidated our visit a day prior to our departure. I was in quandary to when, where, whom and how to tell everyone. I know many of us were coming because of same rationality. It would have been like an earthquake; even higher than 26th December, 2004’s Indonesian on Richter scale. It was very arduous to wield the situation. Because it was me only who dealt diplomacy with Infosys. So, even if I don’t divvy any section of decision making committee about logistics of Infosys and neither do I shall drink a single drop of water from Kaveri River ever in my life; I was supposed to be responsible for cancellation of confabulation. I was needed an underwent steering then. Someone who can make everyone understands about the playscript and considerations. I headed to Himanshu Sir for same. And he told me to tell everyone all truth regarding it! I was worried. Vexed. Concerned. Was machinating myself for the questions I might face. Answers I need to give [more harder than I ever did in my vivas]. More preferably; diplomatic answers. "Ghuma-firake" wale. At first I started it from S10 boys compartment; Tejas, GirishKumar, Piyush and Mayur. They blasted-off the seats. Rejoiced. T20 World Cup was ongoing. Many people might considered it India winning it. I was happy. Then S6. Boys; Aditya, Ojas, Jitesh, Abhishek, Pranav and Pratik. Same scenario. I went cavalier.

S3. Girl’s compartment Mrunal, Ashwini, Sunaxi, Shrutika, Kanchan, Akansha, Divya and Pooja S. I stepped in. I was aware that this won’t be that easy. It was like battlefield. Fearfully conquering one by one compartment. Reached the topographic spot. Re-planned my logistics. Revised expected questions and my answers. Tactics were done. Foes were playing cards. I took a deep breath. Was willing to puke everything at once. Giving no time to their Central Nervous System to think and reply the stimuli that my words caused in their eardrum. I puked out everything in no less than 5 seconds. It was fast-forward [that also 200x] for many. Mission accomplished! But it was the silence before the hurricane [even harsher than Jupiter’s Great Red Spot]. I crucified hydrogen bomb on them. I thought everyone in that compartment was defeated. Everyone went numb. Dull. Dumb. Obtuse. Speechless. I did my job. Ready on my starting line which ended on my coach...S2. Was about to tell my conscience Get...Set...Go. Then instead of hearing gun-fire; some chivalry hit me. Sanket asaa kasa..?? Apna Mysore ka jat ahot..?? Industrial tour kadhi ahe mag..?? Shewti ahe ka..?? Udya kai karayacha..?? Aj rahnar kuthe ahot..?? Pudhache tickets kadhlet ka..??

These were surely more interrogations that I was expecting and in-return prepared for. And now my mind went numb. Dull. Dumb. Obtuse. Speechless. This time they did their job.
Analyzing each question I started answering one by one. I was vulnerable. But slowly everything was calming down. New civilizations were resettling in same surface area. Flora and fauna was blossoming. Blooming. Enriching [I was the nurseryman at last]. They settled down. It was the period of ceasefire. Diplomatic talks were going. Some treaties were signed. And finally peace was established. They were ally now.

Next mission was another group of girls in same coach. Kalyani, Amrita, Sonam, Puja [very nice friend circle I shall always respect] accompanied by Rasika and Sneha in another compartment. I was experienced now with better tactics to use. But these opponents proved to be weak...they hardly raised any questions and I moved to S2; guys coach Archie, Abhishek and Jay. No big deal. They were okay with that. Thus my missions were accomplished. Was willing to shout Ahoo!! Ahoo!! Ahoo!! [But thought that it won’t be healthy for me to do so in public; idea dropped]

1530 hours
All were preparing to have a sweet nap by now. Everyone was in their Bermudas, 3-4th and sweatpants. Heat was tense [thanks to not-so-great Indian Railways’ ventilation system]. Everyone was tired. Retarded. And was drowsy. I spread down my bed-sheet. Assured my luggage is well placed, made pillow of my jeans. As per my knowledge all were snoring.

1730 hours
Two hours completely wasted. Output was-am still decelerated. I hardly saw any of mine crushes in my dream. Nap wasn’t satisfactory. With no second thought I set my berth and departed. Headed towards guys’ coach. The battlefield was well flourishing by now. Trade was blooming. Edibles were passing to others. Curves were visible on lips. Smiling everywhere. They asked me to have some. But so early trade with ally was not good. So, I didn’t have it and kept marching to S6, gathered them all and then pointed to S10. Girish did brought a big wooden casket amidst; Nagpur Orange. All of us did enjoy it to fullest. Girish was having great knowledge of how to choose a sweet orange over a sore one. Expect him everyone’s tongue turned sore. We asked him to choose all succeeding oranges for us and we enjoyed them with great taste.

Then we played the best cards’ game I ever played in my lifetime. It was-Good Morning, Professor. It names suggest to be pathetic but believe me or not; it wasn’t. It’s all fun is basically in its rules. Game was like everyone is distributed cards equally. With everyone’s turn he places his card without flipping it. If there two persons who consecutively place same card number then specific action were assigned to it. For Ace all have to place their hands on the cards that were dumped by everyone. And the one placing his hand last was considered out and all cards were given to him. Similar way if two consecutive Jacks were placed then all have to shout Good Morning, Professor; for Queens all have to bow down and for two consecutive Kings all have to salute. It was a harebrained game but all fun lies in the action to stimulus of our body. Many times it happened person doing two actions at once like saluting and saying Good Morning, Professor or saluting and bowing down as well. The laughter was so loud even aliens could have found humans [SETI would be gratified; only problem was that sound don’t travel in space]. That game continued for next two hours. Then we had our dinner and were spatting on useless topics from all over the world.

Meanwhile in girl’s coach smiles were spreading. One of our friend Sonam’s father parcelled them with the great hotel-food dinner. Kalyani explain me about the entire scenario. They were carrying parcel. Firstly they feel weird of how to tell everyone about the dinner stuff. No one was attentive of it. And secondly none of them ever talked prior to it to anyone of other girls. But somehow they made jugad of giving their share to them. We guys were deprived of this fun.

YES!!! We are in Bangalore
In our domain we shift ourself to another game. Teen Patti on 1 Re table basis. It was the first time I was playing. We all settled down to play 10 games. It started. I was completely awestrucked. I won 4 straight games. Thus pulled in 16 Rs. This was my first occasion. I was happy. But lose all next 6 games. Finally Pranav was posted with 14 Rs of mine and I guess 5 Rs was won by Piyush. Instead of taking them in cash alternatively we decided to have some junk-food. Bluff was also one of them [even known as Challenge]. Game continued.

2210 hours
I was done by now. Feeling drowsy. Stuffed with all tasty dinner that my friends brought. As decided I was placed in girls’ coach to sleep. Girls’ demanded that they need someone for their accompaniment. One who can handle their tantrums. One who is trustworthy. Handsome. Smart. Cool. And all such adjectives. And I was the solely one to fulfil all these needs. Henceforth, I was now sleeping beside the girls’ compartment. Only guy down the aisle. Was about to sleep but then Mrunal, Ashwini and Shrutika came and we elapsed our gibberishes. We talked about all the fun that took place it boys coach and explained the game. Whereas, remaining girls were doing the things that I never thought they can do or might do. In college I saw everyone to be decorous, well-mannered, and studious but realised that they are hellions in turn. Can’t public the things they were doing.

I called-up Ojas to accompany me; more significantly was feeling awkward. We both explicated the Good Morning, Professor game. Not letting second hand of clock to step forward everyone gathered in one compartment. On one berth was Oja, Ashwini, Me, Sunaxi and Akansha. And on our front berth was Mrunal, Divya, Kanchan, Pooja and Shrutika. The game was taking pace and all of us laughing like hell completely forgetting that we were in public place. Clock tickling past 2300 hours. Our laughs turning into roars now. But in the whole movie an unwanted person was introduced. Mr. TC [Ticket Checker a.k.a. Ticket Taker]. Watching all of us he said something in his maternal language. We all were like-aaaaaa!!! Did you said anything?? Do you want to play with us?? But sir we don’t have space!! Can you wait for next turn?? But his facial expressions clearly conveyed us that he was not willing what we were considering. Then in his telugu-hindi accent he said-yaaa pe taaj khelna mana hai! Baki logo ko taklif ho rahi hai.
We suddenly bend our faces in his respect as if he is the supreme person of India. We packed everything and said him sorry. Not with perfunctory politeness. But to kick-off him. He was off. And we were up with same game. After an hour or so same villain was now re-introduced [this was even worse than Harman Baweja’s re-introduction is Victory after Love Story 2050. Atleast to save ourself we can avoid going to theatre but it was not possible here.] This time he was more tensed. BHe was with better Hindi words that we did interpret. And ameliorate converting power. In that time I tried reading his name-plate. The name was so long that even an eon would have been insufficient to read [but not larger than-Prabhakarna SriPalaWardhana Atapattu JayaSuriya LaxmanSivramKrishna ShivaVenkata RajShekhara Sriniwasana Trichipalli YekyaParampeel Parambatur ChinnaSwami MutuSwami VenuGopala Iyer; a film character from movie Dhamaal]. I felt like hypermetropic. But this time we turned a bit serious. A wisdom-man woke us up. And we were on respective berth by 0130 hours. More importantly Sunaxi started feeling unconscious. Bid everyone good night.

Day 2:
October 05, 2012
Scarlet Sky

0515 hours
I was up. Check out if all are fine. Felt hunky-dory. Gave a look outside the window. The eastern horizon was layered with scarlet colour. Sun was yet to rise. And on the west stars were still visible; twinkling. I was witnessing this for first time. It was very impressive. My hands automatically entered in my college-sack and in dark find way to my camera. Took some photos and they found out to be satisfactory. Again went to my berth and slept.

My luggage was still settled in S2. Went there and had jibber-jabber with Jay, Abhishek, Archie, Rasika and Sneha. Same instant saw some people shouting my name. I was like-haaaa!!! Am I that famous?!?! But those were my insane S10 berth friends. Foiled!!
I landed-down on platform. We all started o in engine’s direction. Amazed to see it was not there. We kept on thinking that may be diesel engine will guide us from here. We all were facing same direction. With our back; facing train. Then Mayur heard train whistle. There was no train expect our on that station. We back-faced our self and dreadfully run towards it. Our train was leaving. In early morning people are supposed to go on jogging...but we were running faster than Usain Bolt. He was for silly Gold Medal and us for our luggage, friends and those 7000 bucks we paid to Kesari Tour and Travels. Someway we all caught it. Hushing. Gushing. Breathing hastily we settled down on my berth. Drank water and cardiogram seems to be normal.

After some time went back to S6 to survey. They were up and running. We all joined them. Had some fun and went on with jabbering.

1200 hours
Almost everyone was in S3 now. Not because girls were there. But because Ojas’s power-plug was borrowed by me to charge everyone’s mobiles. The strain was clearly visible on eyes that everyone was putting to see who end-up with their charging and we go there. Meanwhile Jay and I checked the PNR status of our advancing journey to Mysore. It was clear. And tickets were confirmed.

1400 hours
Bangalore City was visible by now. Multi-storey buildings. 4 lane roads. Everything under renovation. Refurbishing.  I asked permission from Himanshu Sir to get a photo under the yellow coloured “Bangalore City” board. I seeped same in everyone’s billions of neurons. And everyone followed me.
Bangalore arrived and as planned all of us headed straight towards that board. Luckily base was available for my camera [happy to see I will be in photo]. Set camera on 10 second timer. 10...9...8... and our cheese smiles turned into awful one. Our train was heading away from us. We were still willing to have that photo. But what about train? What if it was gone? I forced everyone to hold-on for next few seconds. Shutter blinked and we run faster than ever in our life. Not even giving second thought all climbed in the most approachable coach. Climbed it. Rushed to go to our coach from inter-connected way. But found out to be unavailable. We mistakenly jumped into General Coach of train. Then all pitty girls instead of waiting for next station and changing our coach; at the same instant jumped out and climbed in next coach. We were in right coach. We were doing nothing except watching each other’s facial expressions. Our breaths were calming down and with that speed of the train as well. Later get to know train were positioning it. Again we boys were out of train. But not our counterpart. Mistakes are often done to not repeat. But we were repeating it again...and it consequences were visible on our tour.

The rampart moment when train was departing!!!!
Again same thing happened. Train departed and everyone rushed-in. This time we wasn’t grinning. Situation turned tense. We lost our one friend on platform-Tejas. Strained. Distorted. Sieving the situation to handle it. Girish and Piyush said they saw him climbing up the train. But not certain. We gave this news to Himanshu Sir. And he called the basis culprit of this accident. It was none other than Me. I was scolded by him. Called on the carpet. Very soon train stop somewhere in middle of route. Abruptly I jumped on the tracks. And start marching towards the last coach. It was me who was supposed to so. I saw no-one following me. This made me aware I am alone responsible. Climbed general coach and dig out all compartments. But they were lacking the thing; my friend- Tejas. This was one of the worst feelings I had in my lifetime. I thought of not going back into my coach.Got down of that coach. Channelized towards my destination.
In lieu of climbing from S2 I raised from S1. I know interrogation was on my way. What to do next?? Should we talk to TT?? Or dial 139 [they won’t even understand my language either]?? Or catch another train back to Bangalore?? All hypotheses were being analyzed. Consternation was visible. Trotting; I reached the end of S1. My eyes meet a familiar physique. I tapped his back and found to be Tejas [my expression did dreaded Tejas]. Thus I was able to breathe with ease now. He and I get along to our coach.
The atmosphere was happy now. Everyone was happy. This certainly was a great sigh of relief for me. Himanshu Sir. Burgate Sir and all our mates.

Things got back to normal. And by 1630 hours we were in Mysore. Yes! Finally we are in Mysore. A place we were waiting to reach since last a month. We brought the bacon home.

In India going in another state is more often like going to another country. Completely distinct language.Different cuisines.Rituals.Customs.Wardrobe.Attitude.Call rates.Even petrol prises.

We were in Mysore, Karnataka!!

[In train while protruding I witnessed a phenomenon. Almost two coaches were reserved by some students. Each time I was surpassing them they were astounding me. All of them were talking...but all with hand gestures.They were dumb and deaf. Sadly! Every time I was crossing them they were continuously talking. They were in action all the time they were awake. Having more topics to spat upon. I was carrying a chocolate pack with me. The thought of giving that to them. But postponed it for the morning. And when I get back to them for same. They were all gone. Missed a great opportunity to let themselves explain, to hear their unsaid words, to feel them and be among them. I was left with nothing else but regret!]

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