Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Evergreen Tour - II

Continuing my last memorabilia. What happened till now in short!
Departed from Amravati, after many obstacles travelled to Bangalore and advanced our journey to Mysore by same train - Mysore Express. Everyone’s breathe calming down. Train was halted and as were we.

Day 2
October 05, 2012:

1630 hours
So, finally we brought the bacon home. Everyone was rushing to get out of the coach as if we are walking down of general compartment and we have to get down in hurry; else we might leave alone in train. Last check-out of all compartments we resided. And done!
The fresh Mysore air was gushing into the lungs. Temperature was mild. Somewhere close to 20 degree. This was okay for us. Felt like singing the song-

 Socha kaha tha yeh jo yeh jo ho gaya,
       Mana kaha tha yeh jo yeh yo ho gaya,
Chimti koi kaaton na hai ham toh hosh mein,
Kadmon ko thaamon yeh hai udte josh men!!

Badal pe paaon hai?
Ya chhoota gaaon hai?
Ab toh bhai chal padi
Apni yeh naaon hai

Chal pade hai hamsafar,
ajnabee saa har dagar.
Lagta humko magar,
kuchh karne ke hum agar.
Thaame jo dikhaa par tha chhipa
bas jaaye woh nagar
   re re re re re

Can I have a mattress?? PLEASE :P
Enough of sounding (felt like Hema Sardesai for a second). Luggage was settled and counted. In no time we found some mid-age-crisis kind of people circling us (same way eve teasers might be doing). Husky. Shaggy in luck. This actually worried us. They started talking in-between themselves (obviously that was harder than Morse code to interpret). Our respected teachers entered into their conversation. Later realised they all were guides as matter of fact.

Convincing them was as hard as telling a girl she is looking great in a photograph (though I turned mastered in this after this tour). But they were putting all their efforts. They were ready with hotels. Places they will take us. Prizes. Almost everything. For an arcsecond I even thought of taking my 7000 bucks from Mahesh Sir (Head of Kesari Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd.) and go with these people around. But then heard thundering sound of someone shouting with very high pitch (from it I calculated the event is happening just close to me. Because as it was a high pitch...so was sound of high frequency. As pitch and frequency are directly proportional to each other. And low frequency sound travels longer distance on contrary high frequency can travel shorter distance. Perfect examples of low frequency are conversation between whales, elephants from 100s of miles). Enough of geekyness. Final conclusion; it was Himanshu Sir. Soon all that guides fled away faster than Harry Potters Disillusionment Charm.


Our bus was waiting for us outside station. Manjushree Travels (only readable terminology for us in visible landscape). Luggages were ported and we departed. Reached our Hotel Vyshak International by 1730 hours. I was accompanied with Ojas, Jitesh and Pranav in room. Dumped everything in allotted rooms. Freshened up and were on ground floor with glowing faces. A shining grin was visible. All were excited. Even the 32 hours long journey was unable to bring minuscule glimpse of fatigue.
Then we went to a nearby roadside pedlar. That place resembled as Chaupati of Mumbai. Pani-puri, bhel, samosa, kachori replaced with upma, idli, upma and dosa.
For a moment I thought to order him like – Hey Rascala!! Giva me thos Dosas yend Idalis toe-toe playt. With yextra butter yend yextra sambar. Wit small-small tomato peces.
Again planned dropped (my many plans are dropped in similar fashion. If all of them came true then I would certainly been died of embarrassment by now).
Everyone had what they think would be tasty. Dosa consumers share with Idli and Idli one with Upma, someway or other we tasted everything. We were unsure if we might get this food again or not. Each and every molecule of Idli was felt. I could feel it through my pharynx. Grub in. They were the tastiest thing we had till date. Stuffed with all ferment food we headed towards Chamunda Devi Temple.

It was situated on a hill; 8 kilometre [4.9 miles]. Imran bhai (I don’t remember his actual name.  Seems my neuron died where I hived his name) accompanied us enroute. Traversing through zig-zag road we reached Chamunda Devi Hill. Counting ourselves among the luckier persons who got the pleasure to bow Chamunda Devi. It remains close most of the times. Happy!! On the itinerary back to Hotel Vyshak International we take glimpse of world’s biggest Nandi Bull which according to rituals was growing an inch every year. India really has some very awestrucking monuments!
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi proposal point :D :*
Now we were at the same location were Shahrukh Khan (Suri – Punjab power lightning up your life) proposed Anushka Sharma (Taani partner) in movie ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ with the entirely city lights showing “I <3 You”. It was simply splendid! I took a wide-angle photo thereatle (ast I could propose my girlfriend editing it in Photoshop then). Camera set on manual mode. Shutter speed- 30 sec. Aperture-6.3. ISO 100. And done. Got a fabulous snap!!
Next destination Kaveri Handicraft and Sandalwood Handicraft work. It was silk saree shop, which naturally turned out to be most boring part for us. Some came to purchase saree for their Mom, Aunty, Granma; even girlfriends (I feel myself luckiest person at such bits). They were standing on the aisle of shop, trying the sarees. All of them replicated those three women from MDH Masala advertisement jingle –
MaDH iseflav ourjay age,
Kitchen king ho ya garam masala,
Pav bhaji ya chane ka masala,
Kasoori methi degi mirch,
Asli masale sach-sach,
MDH...  MDH...
(Now am sure many girls already unfriended me and blocked for above verdict). Don’t think anyone bought sandalwood related product. They were too expensive. We soon deserted the shop.
Back in hotel. We then had the gags by calling any random room from telephone by simply dialling room number of respective room and asking them for any order, extra bill and much more. Ojas turned out to be prankster in this. He was aware of girls’ room number. Amid we got the call for dinner. Then we had masala dosa and potato curry along with it. I started getting a feeling – Are we going serto vedsame f ood in whole trip? If so, certainly I would end up with my year long storage allocation of south Indian food!
The jibber-jabber continued and upstairs we had more fun. Biggest one was with Pranav, TV remote control and TV itself. Sorry to say, but I can’t public it!! Akhir ijjat bhi koi chij hoti hai.
It was Archie’s birthday next day. Jay, Abhishek with sojume gad arrange cake for him. Archie cut the cake exactly 0000 hours and everyone in drowsiness sing - Happy B’day to Archie.
(if accounted the whole energy spent today I am sure all of us can build their own personal pyramid with our own mummies in it. Of which King Khufu will feel diffident of!)
Everyone went to their cosy bed. Whereas, I was shifted in room with Mahesh Sir, our Kesari and Tours co-ordinator.
Realised if first day is so much fun, then how might be the upcoming days be. Got more excited with a smile on face. Body systems shutting down gradually.

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Day 3
October 06, 2012:

0525 hours

YES!! The clock struck 0525 hours. I was sure everyone was tired and no one is used to wake up early. So, before I would take my weapons (so called toothpaste, toothbrush and cold water) I went to every room to awake them from their intimate dreams (am sure everyone cursed me for same). But it was demand of time! Reconfirmed all still awake, not doing anything more than yawning. I went back to my room and got fresh.
For us it was Day 3 of tour. We were supposed to do rafting, visit Golden Temle and a local park in Coorg. And then stay at Coorg. Distance 86 km.
See that gold :O
But for media, India, newspaper, court, Kanarese, police persons it was a big day. Supreme Court declared that Karnataka has to release 9000 QSEC of water to Tamil Nadu. Which was later opposed by Karnataka and refused to follow the orders. For this reason Kanarese took aggressive stance and declared ‘bandh’ [strike] on 06th Oct. And with that our Infosys visit was already messed; we were under surveillance.
Mahesh Sir supercharged us to do everything hurriedly. And that resulted too much heightening.
Lunch included bread-jam. We gulped our lunch leaving digestion completely to small intestine and large intestine and flagged the bus. By 0745 we were out of Mysore. Imran Bhai and Mahesh Sir told us that out of three groups (We, EXTC and CMPS 2nd shift) only we survived this catastrophic event. EXTC were trapped in Mysore by police and were escorted back to hotel whereas 2nd shift was not even lucky to see how Sun looks in Bangalore.
We continued our journey to our next destination. White water rafting!! Yeee!! You heard it right...I mean you read it right. It was first of its kind for many of us or being precise for all of us.
But this is India, where simplest work can be transformed into most complicated way possible. The Karnataka roads were quite good in terms of conditions but political circumstances were bad. The toll emerged from no where. And then we were prevented from going ahead due to bandh. Saddened!! I got sentimental very soon. My playlist was still alive which I saved when our HOD was not permitting us for IV. I was about to go deeper in the marshland. But then decided to see if anything is possible. Got the info that toll gate will open at 1100 hours...it was mere 0930 hours. So, we decided to visit Golden Temple. Prior to it we pre-order thali in a nearby hotel Top N’ Town.
We then headed directly to Golden Temple! Parked the bus and we were standing on the entrance of Golden Temple.
It was way too beautiful than gestated. This was very insinuate. Eyes were trying their best to get the best possible light and the gleaming, glittering gold was visible on the top temple. Have I been Spider Man (or preferably Super Man) would have stolen all gold on the dome, but was lacking sky-scrapers.
Ramesh.. Suresh..
With every single step the view of Golden Temple was visible. It was getting broader proportionally our eyes as well. First we get passed a lawn, where a group of pigeons were placed with very magnetising flowers blooming.  Then a big gong, campanologist not present; it was tied. Hundreds of bhikku (monk).  There came the Golden Temple main building. The walls were very colourful (camera capacity of distinguishing 16 million colours were insufficient). They were picturised with two persons. With a broad moustache, tache below lower lip (just similar to mine :P) and protected with heavy armour (that I guess will leave Madhuri Dixit in embarrassment for their Kahe Ched Mohe - Devdas dance with 30 kgs of outfit for which they are proud of), with some deities or servants serving food to them.
We then entered in the temple.
O.M.G!!! O.M.G!!! O.M.G!!! O.M.G!!!
What is this? Am I dead or alive? Is it heaven or what? I search for top in my pocket to spin it, but didn’t found. So, I pinched myself! It was hurtful. We were surrounding by gold everywhere. Three big statues completely covered with gold were withstanding there. Was it real? I wasn’t sure. Or rather wasn’t in the position to handle two awestrucking moments that so in this short span. All of us were like – WWWOOOWWWWW.....!!!!!....!!!!! Already widen eyes got wider (I wish if Guinness Books officials can be made available; Jalisa Thompson’s record was easily breakable). But unfortunately whole gold was well protected; I was expecting even some invisible LASER rays for same. For that I borrowed deodorant from friend to sprinkle over that domain (in return we signed the deal on 60%-40% basis); but futile.
After noticing each and every corner of temple with every minute detail (enough to make Golden Temple Map for ants/spiders/mosquitoes dwelling their) we saw a group of very small children. They were from nearby school. Very silent. Polite. Praying. Everyone’s eyes closed to attain their ultimate life aim - Nirvana!
Then came we people. Notorious. Atheist. Sinful. Completely opposite to them in many aspects. They were so cute and beautiful. Girls went to all of them like they are their own children and am sure many even might have dreamed of having same future child (but no one of us was bold enough to tell them-Girls you need to have a cute husband to have children like that!!). Click!! Click!! Click!! Shutter sound was echoing more than our sound. They were all like Nepalese Buddhist. I have heard many jokes prior to this that these people looks very alike in complexion and facial expressions. And these children were proof of same. Being a curious person I went to two of them and checked their finger prints (visually scanned). EUREKA!! Finger prints also matched. But again planned dropped (you know its reason now).
Me, Mahesh Sir and Ojas
The temple was emptied by us. Students were placed and remain sat silently. Encompassing landscape was receipted. It was breakfast time for them. The classes of younger bhikku (monk) were over and then they went in another building. Some were roaming. Some were playing game on mobile (as they are not allowed to have wife so probability of chatting with crush was mere), some shying, and few laughing. All dressed in Kasaya with saffron/yellow robe. Time was running by and we have to make through before 1100 hours. In hurry we left the hypnotising Golden Temple. And it was again those kids standing outside in queue. Girls again attacked them (it was more aggressive than Chinese diplomacy in China Sea), but this time many of them ran away. I thought of distancing myself...cause anything done in excess is harmful. Even LOVE and CARE is no exception. I was introduced to a very shaggy person standing there. He was from Mumbai and his son was working in Infosys. For a second I thought- saala south se sabhi engineers ko job pe lene ka theka Infosys ne hi le rakha hai kya??!!? But as long as that uncle was interrogating I was enjoying. He asked all things regarding us! He blessed us all, I thanked him and wish him good future and thus finally we departed.
We enjoyed our lunch at Top N’ Town on 100 / plate with 20 extra for extra chapatti. It was just 5 in Maharashtra. But still we were okay. As rice captured each and every corner possible in stomach. Next destination white water rafting.
All were excited from the core to have rafting on river Kaveri. In travels only we decide who will sit with whom. We planned accordingly. As we reached our destination we ran as faster as we could and set the end point to the canoe renter’s shop. Me, Ojas, Jitesh, Piyush, Girish, Mayur and Tejas reached there. The rate was like 100 for 2.5 km with 10 persons in each raft. But we bargained a lot to reduce these rates (very proud moment foe any guy). He came down to 70 with same specifications above. We were done. We went back to the folks standing and looking at us with intense hope (as if they are jobless from 15 years and we are giving them job without interview and aptitude test). But later we came to know that Mahesh Sir already booked the canoes and thus all efforts went in vain. But our plan or rather sitting position was still intact. Our canoe included the same seven persons.
Me, Jitesh, Girish (not sure), Mayur, Piyush, Ojas and Tejas
In no time everyone was up and we were upfront. Jacket, helmet and ply were provided. We started plying with all the energy we could. At first ply was handed by everyone except Ojas (only six ply was provided). Then we decided the person with muscle strain will substitute himself with Ojas. We were out front of everyone. Also learned new wordpasti maad - meaning move forward. Our accompanied canoeman on boat was guiding us very well. Even with language barrier in us we were able to understand each other from non-verbal communication in terms of facial expressions (Yes! Communication Skills study is not dissipated). Tree branches from surrounding marshy land were hovering over us. It was amusing going through them. They were giving the feeling of green cave. But nothing with us was supposed to go normally. Being human all habits of ours was inhumanely. Piyush with a shock shouted – Lets jump!!! (a noteworthy thing is am not sure if he even knows “SWIMMING” has two ‘M’s or one). Knowing our intention our accompanied canoeman shouted with all his energy – ALLE!! ALLE!! ALLE!! (I assumed that stands for STOP!!)
Pasti maad!!! Our canoe
But he was too late. Heard a big splash. Girish jumped in water without even giving second thought to what Piyush said. All of us started laughing so hard that Girish’s face shrank to minimum it could (but it didn’t, in return it swell as he was in water). Our evil mind worked and we started plying as fast as we could. He being a good swimmer wasn’t able to equal the energy of six of us. But our consciences show some sympathy and we pulled him up on canoe. It was 25 to 30 feet deep water.
Soon we reached on bank and all of us enjoyed bathing, swimming, swimming techniques, spanking in shallow water. Nearby water turned completely muddy. It was longest bath for many of us. One by one of us started retreating of it and pioneered to dry themselves. Done with it! Well packed the wet clothes, distinguished them from other goods.
Coconut water was financed by Mahesh Sir. Thanks to them for same. Some gagism happened and we were off to Coorg.
OMG!!! My cam :/ :O
:) :) :)
Reaching Coorg’s Hotel Nisargadham; this time with Mayur, Girish, Tejas and Piyush. We did the obvious thing of putting the wet clothes to dry. Being ingenious, instead of placing clothes outside me placed all of them in room. This was a well planned plan. Its reflex reflected other morning. Freshen up. And visit a nearby garden – Natural Park. It was a normal garden (afterall zillion visits to Anand Sagar in Shegaon my hometown garden will withdraw interest from all other garden prevailing on earth).
Prior to having dinner we played two games. One included of making a human circle and then saying kacchi papai and pakki papaione by one and another included of pronouncing chota fish and bada fish but trick in this was when shouting chota (small) fish you have to show predict fish is big with the aid of hands and when shouting bada (big) fish you have to act as if fish is small. In both games defaulter get flunked and was eliminated. Thus winner came out as Amrita, Mayur and Archie (DAMN! How I let them win?). Yet, khel mein haar-jit tooh chalti hi rehti hai.

Had our lunch in Food Court. As thought Dosa and Idlis were served. Done with it. Following it we had sweet dessert as birthday treat from Archie. First time tasted the Bubblegum ice-cream flavour. Loved it though!
Then placing ourself to respective room we slept after playing bluff.
And with this our 3rd day was over!!
Kya aple toothpaste mein namak hai?!?! :D
Before sleeping I giggled the song-
  Yeh dil na hota bechara, kadam na hote aawara,
     Jo khubsurat koyee apna humsafar hota!!
       Suna jabse jamane hain bahar ke,
          Ham bhee aaye hain rahee banke pyar ke,
             Koyee na koyee bulayega, khade hain ham bhee raaho me!!


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  1. Nice story-telling Sanket, congratulations guy !
    Cheers, Serge. (happy to have found somebody more verbose than me ^^ ;-)

    1. :-D yeah!! That is the life of that story. I want to work now on some different thing. Which includes convos. B-)
      Thanks Serji for reading and critiquing it. ;-)
      I am better at something than you are.
      FINALLY!! :-D

  2. awesum written dude...wid ur amusing gossips n extraordinary quotes....RAB NE BANA DE JODI ;)

    1. hahaha!!! :D :D
      thank u buddy.
      This comment does count ;) :P
      Hoping to see ur Florida travelogue B)

  3. Awesome work sanket@ mala pan shikvashil

    1. Aree pakka Nikhil. :)
      Koi baat hai kya tere lia
      thanks :)

  4. Nice story-telling Sanket, congratulations guy !
    Cheers, Serge. (happy to have found somebody more verbose than me ^_^ :)

    1. :D yeah!! That is the life of that story. :) I want to work now on some different thing. Which includes convos. :P
      Thanks Serji for reading and critiquing it.
      I am better at something than you are.
      FINALLY!! :D :)