Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!! :)

New Year, wish you all a very happy new year!! Season’s greetings!!  But what is so special about this day? Sun rises in east. Birds tweet. We are no younger; but get older by a year and still celebrate. We breathe the same air. Follow the same law of Physics; had Newton been born in this era Apple would have fallen on his head and not elsewhere. Nothing so special about this day. So, if practically thinking then there can be no reason for this great celebration.

Happy New Year © Sanket Thodge
I was part of those billion people from globe who go insane and save millions of money by wishing ‘Happy New Year in adv’ – as if next person do not know the date. Then I gave a thought on this. This was the inquisitive me; thinking hard – this is what I do in my spare time ;).

Many a times I found human being so insecure regarding their feelings, their aims, and unworthy their life. Yes, I too do feel insecure, unworthy many a times. So, maybe that is the reason for inventing Friendship Day, Parent Day, Valentine Day, Teacher Day and the list continues.

These days were not written somewhere by Mayan Civilization 100 centuries ago neither by found in Egyptian Mummies. They were all decided by human itself. These days too are very similar to New Year Day. It is not like we have friends around us only on Friendship Day; not far from us more than a call, they are available 24*7 for us. Valentine Day – sorry no experience :P. We do not require a special day to show our parents how much we love them, we can show them on any ordinary day. But then I again thought a little deeper. And got the answer which I think was sufficient to extinguish my quench.

May be these days were rightly decided to help all of us humans to explain our feelings, our thoughts, our ideas, our creativity. Birthday – the best day we can remember the whole year and also most awaited day for any individual. Gifts, surprises, call for the whole day, everyone treating us like VVIPs. Nothing special actually happened that day, we were born some decades ago and became part of another 1 person in the tally of 7 billion people. How can this be anywhere close to special? But still we found our self special; not because it is our birthday but because of our beloved persons’ wishes coming all day. These can be very special. Cherish able and mesmerizing.

Then what is there so special about New Year? (I always try to find as possible as many questions in one go). We generally have a habit of making resolutions for every year (and most of them end-up unaccomplished even on 31st Dec on same year). May be is the best way to celebrate New Year. We may revive our past targets. May be we could make our wish-list of what we will be doing this year that we could not last year and may be to establish stronger bonds with our old friends. Some things might have missed in the previous last year, we can think about them this year.

We are greeting everyone for the New Year. In our contacts we suddenly found a person whom we used to text/call regularly couple of year ago. One of the very close pals. But then on the journey of life somewhere our paths diverted and we lost the contact. And with all these thoughts in mind we ‘Send’ the message. In minuscule of the time we receive ‘Thank You buddy and miss you’ text from the person and in the emotional cum nostalgic flow we call the person. After a couple of drouth years in communication we end-up talking an hour or so and still continue. The past missing bond just got stronger. Yes! You have celebrated the New Year in the true passion, true spirit. What more can we demand from life?

We can even make a checklist of what are the things we want from this year. May be you want to reduce few kilos of weight or maybe wanted to learn a new musical instrument. This gives us an opportunity to make us more proactive and intuitive. This shows that down the lane we are humble and our thirst in unquenchable; at least for this year. Then we can use sticky note to put them on the wall and watch them regularly to revive our plans.

We do not do this in Feb or July or December. 1st January is the best time for this. This is what I think is the true spirit behind celebrating a New Year.
We cannot celebrate Friendship Day on Valentine Day (unless you are dumped in friendzone by your potential girlfriend :D ), we cannot celebrate our Birthday sitting beside our bungalow terrace alone; friends, family need to be there.

Day cannot be made memorable with respect to date or past events,
But it can with what we do on that day!!

So, I wish all of my friends cum readers a very happy and prosperous and amazing and fantabulous and awesome and grandiloquent and bombastic and (add your adjectives) New Year. I hope this year is the best year you have ever lived. And hopefully you check all resolutions on your checklist by year end. I will love if you too wish me the same. I won’t mind if you copy-pasted it in the comment section.
May be a situational song from Aisha movie would be pleasant to hear - 

Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi
Lehar lehar jaise beh rahi hai
Koi ankahi, koi ansuni
Baat dheemi dheemi keh rahi hai
Kahin na kahin jaagi hui hai koi aarzoo

Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
Jise tune chaha hoga woh tera
Mujhe woh yeh batati hai
Main magan hoon par na jaanu
Kab aane wala hai woh pal
Jab haule haule dheere dheere
Khilega dil ka yeh kamal

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