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TCS Interview Experience with solutions and aptitude material batch 2014 - 2

I hope you have read my first part of interview experience for 2014 batch of TCS held at Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering, Shegaon for 2014 batch.
If you haven’t, read it before going ahead with this!! I have provided solutions to the questions asked.
Follow this link - http://sanketthodge.blogspot.in/2014/02/interview-experience-of-tcs-1.html

TCS Interview Experience batch 2014 solutions and aptitude material

Done with mail writing, aptitude and technical. Pre-placement talk going on in the auditorium and then we again went back to the college campus from the auditorium. As I settled down on the bench, my name was announced and I got called for the HR/MR round. Hurriedly went upstairs and caught my seat. I sat comfortably outside interview cabin. My first attempt was to keep my mind in unruffled and calm state. No extra pressure. No bluffing. Had a straight strategy – Just go and establish a conversation. Don’t ever try to fake things. Be loyal. It wasn’t hard for me. I am a verbose person. I can go on talking for hours on any topic. I have strong expertise in this. No one could beat me in this. And the confidence was well inherited from previous strong technical interview and making me pin point focused on the scenario. Being optimistic is very important. Tackling pressure and then controlling it is a vital part. Never let negative thoughts ever command over your mind, let the optimistic thoughts blossom.

People need not to fear the unknown
If they are capable of achieving what they needed and want!!
-          Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

If you believe that you are capable of cracking the interview then don’t panic. Keep anxiety at bay. My resume was then transferred from one cabin to another. As the second cabin was empty for a long time. Very soon my name was called for the interview. Very confidently I entered and thus my World War II began –
Very confidently, “May I come in, Sir?” This time air conditioning was not even felt, as I was cold enough.
Them (Yes, there were two of them), “Come in. Have your seat.”

I smiled at them saying, “Thank You!” This smile is very important. It shows that You are confident enough to face the interviewee and also the job.

Suyog Sir, “We will like to know something about you.” And their job is to show the smile – WE ARE CONFIDENT ENOUGH TO NOT SELECTS YOU!!

I started my introduction, “My name is Sanket Thodge. I am pursuing my graduation from Prof Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research, Badnera (never use acronym), completed my 12th standard from N K Gokhale, Akola (I do not know full form of than school) and done my 10th from Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj English School (do not use ‘I’ very frequently. Like - ‘I’ did my engineering from abc college. ‘I’ did my 12th from xyz school and ‘I’ did my 10th from pqr school. This bores them) which is proximate from here just 100 meters away (try adding something that shows you are talking naturally. You answers should not appear as mugged). I am very passionate about writing. Along with it I have hobbies of photography, sky-gazing and drawing (Though I have many more but better to not puke everything). I am good in C and C++ programming languages. And I love to take up challenges and achieve them.”

Suyog Sir said in praise (He came in my college during aptitude test. So, remember his name. And was the same guy whom I asked a query in my college.), “Your introduction was very impressive.” I am not exaggerating anything here but TCSian loves praising me.
Me, “Thank you, Sir.”

It should be instant. My confidence touching Mt. Everest.

Suyog Sir queried, “But you did not mention anything about your family.”
I abruptly replied, “Sir, my father works as a government servant in Vidarbha Konkan Gramin Bank which is associated to Central Bank in this town. My mother is teacher in the same school from where I passed out and my younger brother too is studying in same school. Currently he is in 10th standard. So, things are tight at home. Me in final year and he in 10th.”

Just establish communication. And never explain your family in introduction unless and until they ask for.

Suyog Sir with eyebrows up asked, “So...!” taking a pause, browsing my resume and then continuing “You have mentioned here that you love sky-gazing. What you exactly do in it?”
I happily replied, “Sir, as I am very much fascinated in astrophysics and space I tend to follow all celestial events. I try to observe various constellations, meteor showers and comets.”

In astonishment Suyor Sir said, “Ohhh!! Means you do not see stars.”
With a giggle I replied, “No Sir. I do see stars as well. As I am watching constellations it means I am watching stars as well. As each constellation is made of stars.”

No reaction on this answer and another fire, “OKAY. Let me ask you one thing!” Yes!! Ask any questions on astrophysics – quasars, meiser galaxies, comets, heliosphere, galactic winds, interstellar space I am ready for everything. “Tell me name of the planet which is a planet but as per Indian mythology a star.”

Shit!! This was not expected at all. It was like I was Moin Khan and Suyog Sir threw a googly like Sachin Tendulkar in Test at Multan in 2004 vs Pakistan. But I was neither Moin Khan nor he was Sachin, I also punched it straight to the boundary for a four. And said, “Sir, that would me Shukra tara I mean planet Venus. It is planet, but in Indian mythology we call it Tara i.e. a star.” I was filled with happiness.

EUREKA!!! I don’t know how that came out of my mind and that was just instantaneous. Took merely 5 seconds to reply. Even faster than Sachin deciding to go for upper cut instead of hook shot on short-pitched delivery. But that certainly impressed him to a very great extent.

Suyog Sir said satisfactorily, “I am done. I will ask Sir (pointing to another interviewer) to carry from here.”

X sir (do not know his name), “I would like to ask you; if you are asked to learn a very old programming language how long will you take?” This question brought goose bumps on my body. I was not prepared for technical interview now.
Thinking - okay, that’s a simple one though; I told, “Sir, in academics we are provided a span of 4 to 5 months. So, if I am given that amount of time then I certainly can perform well. I will try to learn from all possible sources. I will watch tutorials, read e-books.”
I went off-track for this answer.

X Sir’s another missile, “What if you are sent to another planet? Would you work there? On a complete different technology. You are unaware of. Will you work?” SERIOUSLY?? ON ANOTHER PLANET??
But I have to answer, “Yes Sir. I am ready to work!!” I not even gave a thought that TCS is Multi National Company not Multi PLANET Company. But that was fine.

X Sir, “What if we want you to work in night shifts?”
My ghuma-firake wala answer, “Sir, as you know Saudi people have their weekend on Friday and Saturday; if I am allotted any project from Saudi Arabia then I will make sure that I work for those days including Sunday and will take rest on Fridays only.”

I completely misinterpreted the question and then following it my answer. Question about night shift landed in answer from working in Saudi Arabia.
I thought of singing song from Rockstar – Jo bhi main kehnaa chaahu, baarbad kare alfaaj mere!!
But I was not having guitar, neither long hairs and my height has always been an issue.

Now it was re-entry of Suyog Sir in game.
Suyog Sir with aakhir-tum-kehna-kya-chahte-ho look interrogated, “Sorry to interrupt you Sir. But Sanket do you know what is difference between hearing and listening?”
He caught my irreverent answers to questions asked.

Hesitantly, “Yes Sir. Hearing means just pretending that we have all ears on you but listening means actually manipulating the words and then responding back with acknowledgement.”
Suyog Sir, “Do you practice it on daily basis?”
Firmly, “Yes Sir, I always do.”
Suyog Sir in soft tone, “I hope you will be careful with his next questions.”
I moved my neck in affirmation.

X Sir, “So, what you did as Campus Ambassador?” Question I have been waiting for.
Excitedly I said, “Sir, as a Campus Ambassador for Indian Astrobiology Research Centre I did the job of promoting an international level certification program which is being held in 193 nations bringing it into my college. And then conducting the same exam in college. Under which 74 students were enrolled. It was done in last semester.” This was my answer to his question, but I continued “And the people from Indian Astrobiology Research Centre were satisfied with my work so I got promoted to University Coordinator of Amravati University for Rio+21 Program. Under this role I have the same job but on a bigger domain. I will be covering 34 colleges and 50 odd schools. Including this college.” They asked for Campus Ambassador and I applied full-stop at University Coordinator, I know I am smart!

They did not show any reaction, “As I can see in your resume all your roles are in leadership. What are your future plans?” That is very obvious.
Thinking a bit. Taking my eyesight away from them. Then moving my pupil from left to right and then to them, “Sir, the roles that I have performed till now required me to have strong command over communication skill, people skill, I should convince people and also have strong connections. I am good in them so I opted for leading in those positions. And when I will join TCS my first aim will be to become technically sound in next two years. Right now I am not technically sound. After it under the program of TCS sponsoring PG courses I will go for higher education. And will again join company with experience and PG degree. Thus, I will have experience and qualification. I can thus lead a project then.”

I still cannot believe that I made up all this on time. Presence of mind worked as Elder Wand from Harry Potter. Most powerful!!

X Sir moving his neck for first time away from my resume and watching my face said, “You really have very strong command over English and communication skill.”
My bullet train speed reaction, “Thank you Sir.”
He continued, “Why didn’t you help other friends to enhance their communication skills?”
I thought a bit, “Sir, I assisted many of my friends to enhance their command over English. We had a session of mock interview before coming here and also during our project seminars we help each other by recording those seminars and made the necessary improvements. I always believe in team work and raising the weak.”

Try to elaborate your answer. Show your good qualities.

Suyog Sir, “We are done. Any questions from your side?”
I never lose this part, “Sir, when I will come for Initial Learning Program; as a fresher what is expected from me?”

Suyog Sir, “Asked a very nice question.” One more right question. “See, as a fresher we don’t expect a lot. Just brush up your basics. Database, networking and data structure. I hope my answer justified your question.” Few more points he told, but awfully I do not remember them anymore.

“Yes Sir” I said. His reply, “You can go!”

With a big smile I acknowledge them, “Thank you very much Sir for giving an opportunity to present me here.”
They both smiled. And I kind of got the intuition that – YES!! I MADE IT!!

But nothing can be said until official list is declared.
I was out of cabin and blasted puff of breath. My interview was finally over and I was happy.

By 6 pm most of us were done with interview. We were therefore standing outside building. One of the TR; Vipul Nawandar Sir came outside. He was same who took my TR. He directly came to us and joined us along with our Training and Placement Cell’s Dean Prof Nishikant Kale and Prof Sangram Dandge. Nishikant Sir introduced us to him.

He complimented us saying, “We are happy with the technical knowledge of students, but they are lacking to great difference in presentation and communication skill.”

I was hearing him very carefully, may be even more carefully than when he was interviewing me. Then from nowhere he pointed at me and said, “This guy. He is the best example of having perfect balance between work and life. Blogging bhi karr leta hain, photography bhi aur academics bhi aacha hain!!” Awestricken. Glorified. Cheered. Happiness to the core.

I do not remember what he said after that; as I was blasted off to Cloud No 9 and his sound was not that loud enough to be audible at that height. He also praised one of my friends Ashwini Bhutada for her good attitude. She was first candidate selected in placement. So, we both were indirectly conveyed that we are selected. But still have to wait till next day.

The remaining day was spent in taking interview of SSGMCE college students. That went till almost 11:30 pm. And few of my college mates were even called again for TR and even HR/MR.

Next day too was a big day for me. TR Sir came in the class which was allotted for us to stay. He then told us about many things in corporate world. He gave the best short notes possible. It was pleasure hearing them. Mentioned very minute details about working ethics to project work to fun and enjoyment. And then he said that 70% of projects are repeated. All of sudden from nowhere he spoke-out, “Sanket, you had a very nice description of your project. Very clear and sound!”

OMG!!! Did I hear it right?? I will make sure to carry a spinning top from next time to check after spinning it then whether it falls or keep spinning. [P.S. Refer ‘Inception’ movie for this.] But it was true. He remembered my good name. I said thank you with gestures. Then at last he asked us if we have any questions. I thought why to lose even this chance of impressing him. And held my hand up.
His uttered words will remain with me always, “Yes Sanket Sir!!”

Just three words. But a single word ‘Sir’ he put in the end helped me in giving support to my belief and confidence in TCS. At last I was going to be the part of the system where talent, hard work, out-of-box thinking and courage are valued. Age is just a number. Caste is unworthy. Designation is just to mention on home address board. I choose the right institution for my start in corporate world and hopefully till the end.

And by evening of the long recruitment procedure spanning over three days were over, with 24 students making to final list in TCS. Yes!! My name was in it.

Learnt a lot in these three days. And before that I along with my two friends Kshitija and Jay spent a quality time at helipad behind campus. Witnessing sunset. After a long time though. But this sunset was holding a different meaning. Referring to soon-to-end student life.

Received offer letter of TCS the next day and believe me guys understanding Provident Fund’s T&C, HRA, Medical Insurance terms and all was getting harder than going through whole interview procedure. 

Fun apart!
And always remember –

Be ready to accept whatever comes to you and digest failure. Once you learn taking failure as learning stage then IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. Another small conversation I would like to share from movie ‘Rockstar’. Ranbir Kapoor and Khatara Bhai are sitting in canteen and Ranbir asks why other singers succeeded and He couldn’t. Their conversation went this way-

Khatara Bahi – Artists, painters, writers dekh le tu. Ek aisi chij jo inn sab mein common hain.
Ranbir - kya?
Khatara bhai - Wo jo hoti hote hain na!
Ranbir - Kya Khatara Bhai?
Khatara Bhai – PAIN!!
Ranbir - AAaa!!
Khatara Bhai - Pain! Dukh! Dard! Aasu!
Friends sitting beside Ranbir - ooOOo!! Aacha Aacha!!
Khatara Bhai - Jab tak takliff na ho na life mein, tab takk tu bada nai banta hain.

A very small but very worthy conversation.
And then we know what happens with Ranbir and Nargis Fakri’s musical love-story.

Best of Luck to every other candidate appearing for any company. Don’t hesitate to mail me regarding any assistance that you might need in placement (except for reference; as I am not yet an employee of TCS).
Some points during an interview:
  • Don’t give interview empty stomach; you never know how long interview might go. I and many of my friends were deprive of food on our interview day.
  • Keep in mind that you might be called for technical and HR/MR again.
  • Never be confident about your selection even if he/she praises you.
  • Always take two copies of all your documents.
  • Keep the right dressing sense.
  • Be prepared with your file.
  • Your resume is the key to your interview. Most questions will come from there.
  • Do not go for interview in initial phases. Wait for some of your friends to be interviewed. Then ask them which kinds of questions were asked. And after that decide which interviewer suits you. Whether someone asking only on project or someone who asks C/C++ concepts.
  • Avoid going in end.
  • Be on time.
  • Mentally remain strong. Your interview might last long as much as 2 hours or even more. Mine both lasted lasted for 20 odd minutes each. And that of another friend of mine lasted for almost 3 hours. That so pure technical.
  • If you are topper (TOP 5) of your college, then be more technically sound.
  • For guys, use mild deodorant. For girls, your make-up can make or break your interview. Puff of powder is more than enough.
  • Keep right attitude. Watch in eyes of interviewer directly. But don't forgot to blink, else he will think you have any eye ailment.
  • After coming out of interview room don’t get excited or anxious with what happened inside. Show your feelings to world only when you are far away from whole logistics.
  • Self-motivate yourself.
  • Keep talking in English before interview. This will help you to build confidence and ease speaking out English during interview.
Just in case I remember anything I will update my blog. Keep browsing.This is all about interview questions and solution. If you want all the aptitude material download from here-


This is the material that I collected in over a time span of 6 months. And then studied it for 1 month. Even this is just 20% material. If you get this you will not require browsing any other website for finding question papers.

To get remaining material and my resume mail me – sanketthodge@gmail.com

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